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Room Integrity Test

What is Room Integrity Test?

The purpose of the test:

  • to determine how long the fire suppressing agent that is being released into a room will stay in the room
  • to locate any unknow leaks

How a Door Fan Works

1. It is a specially designed, calibrated fan.
2. It is temporarily mounted in a doorway.
3. The fan is used to blow air into or out of a room to measure the air leakage of the enclosure
4. A Door Fan works by establishing a pressure differential between the inside and the outside of an enclosure.
5. The pressure difference forces air to leak through all of the holes in the exterior envelope of the enclosure.
6. The amount of air is required to maintain a constant pressure difference is equal to the amount of air that is leaking from the enclosure.
7. A specially designed gauge is used to measure the amount of air flowing through the Door Fan, and the pressure difference, which can be used to determine the total size of all those leaks.

NFPA 2001 (2012 Edition) Requirepment

NFPA 2001 stated:
1. All total flooding systems shall have the enclosure examined and tested to locate and then effectively seal any significant air leaks
2. The perferred method is using a blower door fan unit and smoke pencil.


Retrotec is the world leading manufacturer of door fans, duct testers, digital manometers and air leakage testing software. Retrotec equipment is used around the world to conduct residential energy audits, large building air leakage measurements, duct leakage tests and clean agent integrity tests.

Advantage of the Test

1. It is environmentally friendly
2. It dose not involve the discharging of the system
3. It can ensure the system will work effectively when activated as too much air-leakage will result in the reducing the concentration of the fire suppressant.

Components of a Door Fan System

  1. A Door Panel (temporarily seals a typical doorway and provide a hole to mount a fan)
  2. A Calibrated Fan (capable of creating a measured flow of air)
  3. A Two-channel Differential pressure gauge (calculates flow)

Authorized Testing Technicians

Only Authorized Testing Technicians who have completed Retrotec Training Course Level 2 or above can use Retrotec Door Fan Test Equipment to carry out the test.

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