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About Us

About Us


Shielder Hong Kong Limited is a distributor of various fire systems and solutions providing complete industrial fire protection services.

We offer a broad portfolio of solutions including gas suppression system, automatic sprayer unit, automatic fire alarm system, pre-action sprinklers system, aspirating smoke detection system, gas detection system and room integrity test.

To cover variety of applications and settings in businesses and industries, we provide design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, inspection and maintenance services.


  1. We strongly desire to serve you with enthusiasm and professional knowledge.
  2. We deeply believe fire protection is important for everyone.
  3. At all times, we are able to save you and your assets from fire.

Our Staff & Team

We have assembled a dynamic team of designers, technical experts & management group to deliver quality services. Our staff members are committed to maintain professional excellence, integrity and objectivity in serving our clients.

Our extensive knowledge in the rules and regulations of local and international fire service enables us to assume an active role in assisting clients in scheduling, reporting, routine inspection and emergency call service.

As dictated by our Mission, we believe our clients deserve the excellent service. Our commitment to quality holds true not only in serving our clients, but also in the way we contribute to the fire service industry and our profession.