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Issue By Certification /
Registration No.
Category Description
Fire Services Department
RC 1/478
RC 2/650
RC 3/487
Registered Contractor Registered Fire Service Installation Contractor (Class 1,2,3)
Water Supplies Department
3341 Grade 1 Plumber's Licence Grade 1 Plumber's Licence
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
031325 Registered Contractor Registration of Electrical Contractor
CASTCO Certification Services Limited
CC070 ISO 9001:2015 Design, Supply, Installation of Fire Services System
Retrotec Inc
Integrity Certification Integrity Test - Multiple Door Fan operation
- Procedures to measure leakage distribution
- Advanced testing techniques, in accordance to NFPA 2001 Annex C, ISO 14520 & EN15004 Annex E.
Kidde Fire Systems
KFS2014/28/010 Registered Distributor Registration of Distributor
Kidde Fire Systems
Kidde Fire System Training Certification (Inert Gas) Inert Gas Systems Design and demonstration of Kidde Fire System product
3M Electronics Materials Solutions Division
Appreciation Letter Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid
Honeywell Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
APESD038 Registered Distributor Registration of Distributor
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
FSC C001689 Caring Company Award of Caring Company
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Warning Against Fraudulence

Shielder Hong Kong Limited and its member companies (Shielder Group) declares that ONLY below companies are the legitimate members of Shielder Group.

  • Shielder Hong Kong Limited

All member companies are using the domain name "shielder.com.hk" as the official outgoing email. All other companies not listed above are NOT members of Shielder Group, and NOT related or associated to Shielder Group.

Any other companies not listed above claiming that they are a member of Shielder Group, or providing documents or websites containing Shielder Group's company organization chart / job references / certificates of distributorships / registered contractor of Fire Service Class 1-3), or using any company logo similar with Shielder Group's trademark, or making reference to Shielder Group as office address, may commit fraud.

If you have come across any companies which claimed or indicated that they have an office located at Shielder Group or in any way relating to or associated with Shielder Group, we urge you to be vigilant against fraudulence by conducting necessary due diligence to verify such claim or indication and report the matter to the Police in case of suspicious fraudulence.

Shielder Group disclaims any liability of whatever nature for any loss and damage that one may suffer in relation to or arising out of any unauthorised claim or indication that any company is in any way related to or associated with Shielder Group.