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Liquid Lead Detection System

Water / Acid Leak Risks

The critical technical environments such as data centers, banking transmission systems, air traffic control centers, semiconductor plants, aim towards a “24/7” 0 defect safety. A non-detected water leakage can be extremely detrimental with the exploitation and generate very important financial or personal consequences.

TTK In Response With Digital Water & Acids Leak Detection Systems

For over 25-years we have been offering the latest, most innovative technology and the best quality products to protect property from water leakages.

The digital leak detection systems (FG-NET and FG-SYS) consist of a series of addressable sense cables and a digital unit. These sense cables are often installed under raises floors to protect the critical areas and communicate with the panel via a digital serial interface. In the event of a leak on one sense cable, the digital panel triggers an audible alarm immediately and displays the location of the leak (precise to 1 metre) on an interactive map allowing quick action so as to reduce the operation downtime.

TTK not only supplies water leak detection and location systems but also provides solutions for detecting acid leaks, and proud to say our systems are protecting numerous clean-rooms, semi-conductor and wafer manufacturing plants in Asia and Europe!

Water & Acid Lead Detection System
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